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Advent Calendar

The advent calendar of the Guides and Scouts of Finland helps you to follow the original advent traditions before Christmas. The first calendar was published in 1947 and today the advent calendar campaign is the most important annual fundraising event of the Guides and Scouts of Finland.

Every year four advent candles will come out behind the little doors of the calendar, one per each advent Sunday. For the Independence Day, on the 6th of December, there is the Finnish flag to celebrate the day and naturally Saint Lucia lightens the 13th of December. The calendar package also includes six gift cards for Christmas presents.

The price of the advent calendar is 7 euros in 2015. Local groups get the most of it and they will use the money to enable their activities such as summer camps, outdoor excursions and weekly meetings. The Guides and Scouts of Finland will use the funds to produce programme materials, organise trainings and education as well as large events for all guides and scouts around Finland.

The advent calendar campaign is visible on the streets as well as online. Guides and Scouts sell advent calendars for example in shopping centers and from door to door. Advent calendars are advertised in social media like in Facebook or Twitter.