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Nordic Forum for Program and Training

Nordic Forum for Programme and Training

8.-10.9.2017, Helsinki Finland


We have chosen WOSM Leadership Model to be a framework for the weekend program. By Wosm Leadership model we are focusing how the local troop as organization is lead; how the programme in the local troop is lead and how the people are led in the local troop. Participants should familiarize themselves to this WOSM leadership model. We will send material to participants before the venue to work on.


Profile of participants

The primary target group is volunteers at national and district level who work with supporting local troops in leading the local troop, leading the youth programme and leading volunteers. We want to invite volunteers who have worked with these issues for many years, as well as new volunteers those who recently have discovered the possibilities of developing local scouting. We stress the importance of preparing your volunteers before the event to get the most of it for your organization.


The venue begins on Fri 8 September at 19:00 and ends on Sun 10 September at 13:00. It will take approx. 1:30 h to get from Helsinki Airport to Suomenlinna by train-Tram-Ferry, see Please reserve your flights so that you can participate the whole time.




The event will be held at Helsinki, at Suomenlinna which is an island off the coast of Helsinki. Suomenlinna fortress is one of UNESCOs World Heritage sites due to its unique monument of military architecture.


How to get there


Suomenlinna is accessible only by water. The Helsinki City Transport ferry operates to Suomenlinna from the Market Square situated in the city centre of Helsinki. The ferry journey takes about 15 minutes and the ferries leave the Market Square and Suomenlinna once or twice every hour. The ferry schedule can be found here. You can travel from Airport to Suomenlinna with one ticket.




Accommodation will be in Hostel Suomenlinna in shared rooms.


Participation fee


The participation fee for the event is EUR 190 and it covers accommodation, meals, and the programme. The fee does not include travel costs.


Further information


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the planning team:


Lauri Untamo +358 40 4191907



We have initially invited 7 people from each country. Due to limitation of accommodation at Suomenlinna we have only 43 bed sites. If the total number of participants is greater than 43 we will give quota for countries. Please inform before 27.6 the number of participants.

Names and contact details of participants should be informed before 8.8.2017.