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Säihke 2017

Säihke 2017 -district camp

Säihke 2017 is the 8th district camp of The Guides and Scouts District of Uusimaa. It will be held on 12-20 July 2017 at the Syndalen camp site in Southern Finland, near the town of Hanko. The camp site will be a pop-up tent village in the woods build by service team and participants. There are cold showers and hot saunas, places for swimming and for camp fires. Boys and girls, men and women work together to create a good experience for all!

Säihke will be a camp for approximately 3 000 participants, and it will be run in both English and Finnish. All participants will have a programme for their own age group: trackers (12-15 year olds), explorers (15-17 year olds) and rovers (18-22 year olds). We also invite leaders, rovers and explorers to contribute to the camp programme as there are staff positions available. The camp fee is approximately 200 € including programme, meals and accommodation in your own tents. The price will be same as it is for Finnish participants. You can camp with your friendship Scout group and thus live thru the experience with all of us!

Registration starts on December 1st and it will be open until February 14th. More information can be found from our website and social media.

Welcome to Finland!


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Jenni Viitanen

Project coordinator / +35850 446 0057