What is Roverway?

In the summer of 2024, scouts aged 16-22 will have the opportunity to participate in an unforgettable camp. Participants get to learn about other cultures from thousands of other Samoans and hikers from all over Europe. Fun, shared experiences, information and ideas are important keywords. The trails end at the camp in Stavanger.

During the first days of Roverway, participants get to participate in different trails with scouts from different countries. Participants can choose from several different trails around Norway. Each trail has its own theme, and everyone has the opportunity to get to know Norway’s nature and culture. After five days on the trail, everyone gathers at a common camp in Stavanger.

Roverway is one of Europe’s most popular scout camps with around 5,000 participants. Roverway has previously been organized in Finland, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, France and the Netherlands.

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Roverway is from hikers for hikers!

Vad är Roverway?

In the summer of 2024, 16- to 22-year-old Scouts have the opportunity to participate in an unforgettable camp, namely Roverway in Norway! Participants will learn about other cultures from the thousands of explorers and roverscouters who participate from around Europe. Great experiences, new ideas and fun moments together with others.

De fem första lägerdagarna consistant av olika sk stigar runtom i Norge. Deltagarna får välja den Stig de vill delta i som contener det program participator’s best vill epkumena. Alla stigar har olika teman, men det utlovas Norsk natur och kultur på dem alla. After five days on the field, we went together with Scouters from other countries together as participants until the camps in Stavanger.

Roverway is the most popular scout camp in Europe, with about 5,000 participants. Roverway has previously been ordered in Finland, France Island, Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Kan man delta som svenskspråkig? Absolutely! Below, the members of the Finlands Scouter have the right to register, and although the Finnish contingent leadership (CMT) does not speak Swedish but only Finnish and English, we do our best to help you even if your Finnish skills are weak.

Måste jag kunna finska? No. I Norge understand most of the Swedish, men för att kunna communicate with other lägerdeltagare muste du kunna at least lite engelska.

Lägerbreven and other information from CMT is mainly in Finnish, so if you don’t know Finnish, it’s still nytta but there’s no need to participate.

Roverway: av Rovers för rovers!

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Top photo: Didrik Lundsten