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Camps in Finland 2014

engl_camps2012_s1.jpgWelcome to Finland!

The Guide/ Scout camps in Finland are fun and well-organised camps, which actually take place in the forest! Presence of nature is an essential part of our Guiding/Scouting. The camp site might be a pop-up tent village in the woods build by service team and participants. There are cold showers and hot saunas, places for swimming and for camp fires. Boys and girls, men and women work together to create a good experience for all. 

Young people, supported by adults, organise these camps - they are from today’s world, but still having the traditional essence of Guide/Scout Camps.

These camps are events organised by different Finnish Guide/Scout regions. Camps vary from each other in theme, style and size. They make all arrangements, including registration, payments and transportations, independently.